Berkshire Women's Aid

This charity which offers many services to women who have suffered from domestic abuse. If you are struggling and need to get in contact with someone they have a helpline and other services available.

Leaflet: Berkshire Women’s Aid List of Services

Telephone: 0118 950 4003

Easy Read Coronavirus Information For Those With Learning Difficulties

Leaflet: Looking after your mental health

Leaflet: Easy Read About coronavirus

Leaflet: What is social distancing?

Leaflet: What to expect after vaccination

Leaflet: A guide to your COVID-19 vaccination

Bereavement Advice and Support

Please view our leaflets to find bereavement advice and support:

Leaflet: A Practical Guide – Bereavement Advice Centre

Leaflet: Hospice UK – Caring for your dying relative at home

Website: Cruse: Dealing with Bereavement & Grief

Website: National Bereavement Partnership: Covid-19 Hub

Telephone: 0800 448 0800

Helping children and young people manage their mental health

Guidance on helping children and young people cope with the stressful changes occurring during this pandemic. Including information on what you can put in place to help support them.

Website: GOV.UK: Guidance for parents and carers

Managing breathlessness at home

A step by step guide to help you manage breathlessness symptoms while at home.

Leaflet: Managing breathlessness at home

Help with Finances and Rights

The pandemic is set to fundamentally change the way we live our lives. It can be an anxious time for many and our financial wellbeing is a key concern. Here’s a guide about how the Coronavirus could affect your finances.

Website: Money Saving Expert: Coronavirus Finance & Bills Help

Active at Home

Never has there been a more important time to look after our mental and physical wellbeing. Remaining or becoming physically active is vital and doing so helps support our mental resilience as well as our physical health. Get Berkshire Active have created an online resource to make it easier for people to access lots of useful content to keep them active.

Website: Get Berkshire Active

Child and Family Health during Coronavirus

Guidance on what to do when your family member is unwell during this pandemic:

Leaflet: Advice for parents during coronavirus

Leaflet: Family health support during Lockdown

Coronavirus Recovery Advice

Information on how to manage your symptoms at home while recovering from Coronavirus.

Leaflet: Post COVID-19 Patient information pack


Citizens Advice - Returning to Work

Advice and information for those who are concerned about returning to work during Coronavirus.

Website: Citizens Advice: Returning to Work

Advice on Coronavirus and childhood injuries/illnesses

Guidance on what to do if you child is ill or injured and who you should contact.

Leaflet: Childhood Injuries/Illnesses during COVID – Advice for parents

Cancer Advice

This downloadable document covers a set of frequently asked questions about the virus and its impact on cancer patients.

Leaflet: Advice on Coronavirus for people with cancer

Mind - For Better Mental Health

Mind are experts in mental wellbeing and have some great advice about how to manage yourself well during this crisis, including those having to work from home.

Website: Mind: Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Symptom Checker

Check if you have symptoms before you take any action. Please protect others by NOT visiting a pharmacy, GP practice or hospital.

Website: NHS 111: Check your symptoms