Covid Booster and Flu Jab Clinic

We will be following NHS guidance in terms of prioritisation groups, however we have pulled together some answers to some of the anticipated questions you may have. Please be aware that we may not know the answers to some more specific queries if we have not received the guidance from NHS England yet. We will try and keep our Facebook & Website Pages as up to date as possible.

Our clinics will run from the Salvation Army (Lower Earley) Tuesdays & Wednesdays and from Chalfont Surgery on Saturdays.

We will be in touch with all patients when it is their turn to be invited to a clinic – you will be invited via text message or phone call. Once you have booked an appointment please do attend it. You may also be invited for your Covid Booster by the National Booking System to attend another clinic. If you decide to go elsewhere, please be aware that the vaccination recording systems are different and there will be some delay in your information reaching us for your medical records. Therefore, you may be invited twice if you are still in our system as due your Booster vaccine. Please decline our invitation if you have already had your Booster or have an appointment already booked.

What vaccine will it be for the Booster?

All 3rd dose booster vaccine will be the Pfizer vaccine (unless a patient had a serious anaphylactic reaction to their first Pfizer vaccination, which is very few people) and there won’t be any choice in this. It doesn’t matter which vaccine you had initially. We may get some Moderna as the vaccine booster programme progresses but there isn’t any available currently and we do not know when we will receive this. Patients can choose to wait for this if they wish to do so, but we cannot guarantee we will get it any time soon or they may need to go elsewhere.

If the clinics at Brookside are for both the Covid Booster & the Flu jab, what happens if I only want one of them?

We will be giving flu and boosters together. Patients can decide to just have 1 or the other, however if they do not want to have the Covid Booster, they will be asked to have their flu jab at the chemist with no appointment with us. If they decide they do not want the flu jab, or have already had it, we will still be able to give them the Covid Booster at one of our clinics.

What about my child aged 12-15yrs

Healthy 12-15 year olds will be offered a Booster and Flu jab at school as the school’s immunisation teams are delivering all these vaccinations.

What about Immunocompromised patients?

We haven’t had enough guidance around what to provide for this group as yet. Some patients may feel they need their Covid Booster sooner rather than later, but we are still waiting to know more from NHS England. Once the plan has been decided we will inform patients.

What if I had my Covid vaccinations abroad?

Some patients will have had 1 or 2 doses abroad. We will be offering the Booster vaccine to these patients the same as any other patients, in line with the guidance i.e. 6 months after the 2nd dose. Please do get in touch via our website if you had your vaccines abroad and are not sure if we have a record of this, or you do not receive an invitation from us for the Booster when you think you should.

What if I have Covid symptoms when I am due to have my Covid Booster?

If a patient has Covid symptoms they cannot have the vaccine until they have recovered from the symptoms to avoid confusing vaccine side effects with the illness.

What if I know I have Covid-19?

Covid positive patients need to wait at least 4 weeks from when they tested positive before having the vaccine.

What if I can’t make the clinics Brookside are running?

Mass vaccination centres for Covid Boosters will be open in Reading Green Park, and will be contacting patients 6 months +1 day after their 2nd dose. It is up to patients where they would like their vaccine.

What do I do if I had side effects from my vaccine last time?

Unless you had an anaphylactic reaction (tight throat/breathing AND itchy swollen skin) then you can have the Pfizer vaccine.